Blood Donor International has its origins in Guinea Equatorial. The country had never had a formal program of blood collection and storage until BDI began operations in September of 2010. Due to serious concerns with blood-borne disease, the program targeted expats working in the country. Blood donor drives would take place on a monthly basis under the sponsorship of HESS Oil where Dr. Duggan was medical director. On its best day, the program collected 117 units of blood. The program has been scaled back and at this time provides primarily emergency donations, calling on its comprehensive database of in-country expat donors. The program hopes to scale back up operations as HCVI begins other programs in the country.

Meanwhile, HCVI is beginning to help address serious shortages of donor blood in Cambodia and plans to have its first blood drive at the National Pediatric Hospital where it is based in March of 2016. 

There is an ongoing severe deficit. At one point in 2013, the National Blood Transfusion Center in Phnom Penh dropped to stores of only 10 units.

HCVI hopes to develop a culture at the National Pediatric Hospital of blood donation among staff and patient family members, as well as within the expat and national community.