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Our Partners  Health Care Volunteers International believes partnership and collaboration create synergies and opportunities that would otherwise not exist. This enables not only HCVI, but also our partner organizations, to better actualize their vision and achieve their stated mission goals.

The relationships we have developed with Corporate Sponsors, as well as other Nonprofit Organizations, are critical to our success and we are enormously grateful for their continued support.

Please Contact HCVI to become one of Our Partners or if you feel there are ways that HCVI can share its resources or help support your organization.


  • Americares

Provides donated, medications, equipment, and supplies. A great organization and longstanding partner. They are critical to our success.


  • Google for Nonprofits

The entire ecosystem for HCVI is structured around Google Drive and Google Business Apps. Google technology is used and leveraged in almost every project sponsored and managed by HCVI. It enables us to achieve levels of excellence, cost-effectiveness, and productivity in our clinical, educational, and capacity-building projects that would otherwise be unimaginable.


  • Project Cure

Provides donated, medications, equipment, and supplies. A great organization and partner. They are critical to our success.


  • MAP International

MAP International donates large quantities of sutures through their Ethicon Suture Program which is critical to HCVI's surgical programs.


  • Paracrew

​Paracrew is instrumental in getting life-sustaining aid to where it needs to be in war-torn Ukraine. This includes food and clothes as well as medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies. Of equal importance, they get people where they need to be. HCVI director, Francis Duggan, MD, regards them as one of HCVI's most critical partners in-country. His regular driver, Adam, he states, is a star - a true pleasure to be with, who gets him and his cargo safely into some of the most difficult areas of the country. Adam has taken Dr. Frank on trips from one end of the country to the other - sometimes with a duration of over 20 hours. Adam has logged close to 25,000 kilometers himself in his first 3 months of service, an impressive feat, demonstrating his dedication to helping those in need.


  • SmartAid 

​SmartAid is HCVI's major partner in the launch of its Ukraine free digital health platform (telemedicine, telesurgery, teleradiology, EHR), which is driven by the Google ecosystem.



  • Delta Airlines 

Delta generously waves baggage fees for the shipment of medications, equipment, and supplies, allowing funds to be re-directed to patient care. Their support has been instrumental in Ukraine, and we are extremely grateful. In addition to an impressive social commitment, Delta is simply the best airline to fly, and it is the official airline of HCVI.


  • EKO

A strong partner in our telemedicine platform, Eko was awarded Time Magazine's Medical Device of the Year. We are conducting full exams remotely on patients worldwide at no cost because of amazing technology like this.


  • Vuzix

Vuzix Smart Glasses are a cornerstone of our digital health platform, enabling live streaming consultation from remote specialists during surgery and patient evaluations.


  • Pearlie White

Provides subsidized toothbrushes and toothpaste for our Community Outreach - Dental Hygiene Program serving schoolchildren in Cambodia.


  • Sanford Guide

Provides the internationally respected Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Care. Print format guides, as well as Institutional Website Edition access, are disseminated to health care providers and are considered essential resources of the HCVI Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) clinical training program and educational Google Site. 

The Sanford Guide encompasses a full suite of infectious disease content, including interactive tables, dosing calculators, and the latest recommendations for the treatment of infectious diseases. Content is updated continually by a team of leading infectious disease physicians and pharmacists and is accessible to clinicians and students globally through a variety of platforms.


  • Surgitel

Provides surgical loupes and HD camera systems that have been instrumental in education and training as well as telemedicine and remote learning.


  • Adroit Surgical

HCVI has partnered with Adroit Surgery and has adopted the Vie Scope/Tactical Bougie Introducer as the preferred method of emergency intubation, replacing standard direct laryngoscopy and video-assisted laryngoscopy. Adroit Surgical generously partners in education and supplies equipment free of charge.


  • Echo Bravo Productions

​Award-winning director, Justin Roberts, and HCVI director, Francis Duggan, MD, met and quickly bonded over dinner one night in Kharkiv and are now exploring a possible documentary regarding the role of HCVI in providing medical care in war-torn Ukraine.


  • Edwards Life Science

HCVI is managing a grant donation of over $1M of much-needed heart valves and heart repair rings from Edwards Life Sciences and MAP International to the country of Ukraine. This is an ongoing grant and is anticipated to expand beyond $3M+ in the near future. Due to the economic impact of the war on the healthcare system, there has arisen a dire need for these life-saving heart implants.

  • Cook Medical

Cook Medical generously donates large quantities of much-needed critical care supplies used in the Surgical and Critical Care Management of battlefield trauma victims.

  • Belmont Medical

Belmont Medical is a leader in patient warming. Hypothermia has a dramatic negative impact on Surgical and Trauma care, leading to significantly higher morbidity and mortality. HCVI, in partnership with Belmont Medical, is introducing their life-saving advanced technologies to the Battlefront in Ukraine.