National Pediatric Hospital Cambodia HCVI signed a 5 year MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the National Pediatric Hospital (NPH) in September of 2014. Our first major project was the construction and management of the HCVI Paul J Duggan Medical Library. The Library was completed in 2 stages in September and then fully opened in December of 2014. It has rapidly become one of the premier and most advanced medical libraries in the country. The Library is featured on our website's page discussing Education and Training

The HCVI Cambodia office is located at the NPH and is part of the Medical Library complex. HCVI has a strong presence at the NPH and is engaged in direct patient care as well as education and training. Capacity building has involved financial support of the current hospital expansion, in addition to the delivery of over $350,000 worth of medications, equipment, and supplies. This is independent of the costs of construction, IT equipment, and labor associated with establishing and managing the Medical Library. We regularly use Google Sites for education and training as well as for project management.

Highlights since the signing of the MOU in September of 2014 include:

  • Construction and management of Medical Library.
  • Development of curriculum of weekly taught HCVI courses and seminars that focus on Google/IT training, as well as Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and Electronic Medical Resources.
  • Provision of HINARI, the WHO online portal accessible to health care providers in resource-poor countries. HINARI has over 40,000 ebooks and 14,000+ fully sourced journals. It is an invaluable resource.
  • Partnership with the WHO for Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). We perform regularly scheduled training of staff and all students on rotation at the NPH and are completing a Google Site dedicated to IPC that will facilitate training and the dissemination of information. Visit Google Site. Our first training session of hospital staff as part of the WHO May 5, 2015, Hand Hygiene Day was a great success, training 342 staff. They are now ongoing on a quarterly basis.
  • Installation and management of high-speed dedicated fiber-optic network throughout the entire hospital complex.
  • Upgrade of computer equipment throughout hospital so that each department has at least one functioning computer with internet access capabilities.
  • Direct patient care and bedside training of staff.
  • Delivery of over $2.5 M USD in medications, equipment, and supplies.
  • Major Renovation and Restructuring of Anesthesia and Operating Suites in addition to development and deployment of electronic surgical registration, perioperative evaluation, airway assessment, and WHO Surgical checklist.
  • A major renovation of Physical and Occupational Therapy Department. We are partnered in education and patient care. HCVI international volunteers work on site and through teleconferencing. This was a night and day change, as can be seen in the before and after photos below. The warm, child-friendly environment has resulted in s significant increase in patient volume, compliance, and overall success with regards to care.